Kim Saerom must have worked out hard since

Kim Saerom

Kim Saerom must have worked out hard since her divorce. An angry apple hip

Kim Saerom

Kim Saerom is a hot topic as she certified a solid Apple hip.

On the 11th, Kim Saerom, a broadcaster, posted two authentication photos on her Instagram, saying, “How can I exercise when the weather is like this?”

In the released photo, Kim Sae-rom is exercising outdoors wearing a T-shirt and leggings that reveal her body. In particular, Kim Saerom proved how hard she worked out and made fans admire her angry Apple hip.

Meanwhile, Kim Saerom made her debut as a model at the SBS Super Model Contest. Since then, he has been active in various entertainment shows. In addition, Kim Saerom made headlines for her courageous divorce confession through a broadcast and said she had been in a relationship after the divorce.

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