LG Justin Bore Mulnaengmyeon is the best I want to win KS

Justin Bore

LG Justin Bore Mulnaengmyeon is the best I want to win KS.

Justin Bore

LG’s new foreign batter Justin Bohr expressed his determination ahead of joining the team.

Bore signed with LG on the 29th of last month on behalf of Roberto Ramos, a former foreign batter.

Bore, a native of the U.S., joined the Chicago Cubs in the 2009 MLB rookie draft as a first baseman and made his major league debut after moving to Miami in 2014. He played 559 games in Major League Baseball (MLB) with a batting average of 0.253, 92 home runs, and 303 RBIs (OPS) of 0.794. From 2015 to 2018, he hit double-digit home runs in Major League Baseball for four consecutive years.

Last year, he played in 99 games for Hanshin in Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball, batting 0.243, 17 home runs, and 45 RBIs, and left 0.213, six home runs and 17 RBIs in the minor league Triple-A under the San Francisco Giants this year.

Bohr, who entered the country on the 15th, is self-quarantine in accordance with the guidelines for the prevention of novel coronavirus infections (Corona 19). The quarantine date will be on the 29th and will join the team on the 30th.

“I’m very happy to sign a contract with LG,” Boer. As a member of a team that aims to win this season, I want to contribute to achieving my goal. “I understand that LG fans are the most among the 10 clubs, and I will become a player who meets the expectations of the fans.”

The following is a one-question answer that Boer delivered through the club.

What made you decide to play in the KBO league?

“I love baseball so much. And I think the important thing as a baseball player is to play for a team that needs me. LG is the team that wanted me the most and is currently aiming to advance to the postseason and win the championship. I came out of LG and came with the determination to do my best to achieve the team’s goal.”

Do you know any players in the KBO league?

“Foreign players know Dan Streilly (Lotte), who was with him in Miami, and Aaron Altair (NC), who was with the Phillies. Now I’m in contact with Strailly to say hello. And I know well because I spent the season with Lee Hak-joo, Ha Jae-hoon and Lee Dae-eun during the Cubs minor league.”

– Do you know anything about Korea or KBO league?

“I don’t know much about Korea yet. However, my wife often told me that Korea is a country I really want to visit and Seoul is a city I really want to visit. Unfortunately, his wife and two-year-old son have yet to visit Korea due to coronavirus 19. In terms of baseball, many people have heard that KBO league and Japanese professional baseball are similar styles. But I don’t think I know until I actually experience it 안전놀이터

– What do you think is important to adapt to the KBO league?

“I think my situation is a little special right now. Because I’m joining a new team and a new league in the middle of the season. Like other players, the team did not prepare enough for the pre-season spring camp, but had to play immediately. So I think it’s more important than anything else to build a physical and mental state so that I can digest the game and perform my skills right now.”

How’s the training going during self-isolation?

“I experienced self-isolation in Japan for almost a month. So now I know how to prepare. Training within the quarantine facility is limited, but it is still well prepared to build a body for baseball through weight training and physical training. I also think positively that self-isolation has provided an opportunity to rest physically and mentally.”

– How do you spend your free time outside of self-quarantine?

We are taking care of our skin with the products provided by the team. My wife told me several times to take care of my skin, but I’m trying because it’s a good opportunity during this quarantine period. “I usually spend my free time playing games and mobile games that I bring.”

Have you tried Korean food? What is the most delicious Korean food?

“Korean barbecue is a food that I have often eaten in the U.S. and Japan and I always like. Personally, I think mul-naengmyeon is the best. Especially, sour vinegar flavor and cool broth in the summer are really good.”

– The home run ceremony is known to be the ENERGIGIAN wind in the animation Dragon Ball, which is unique.

“When I was with the Angels, I told my teammates that if I went to Japan, I would have a home run ceremony with a fireball. Although it has the influence of the Dragon Ball, there are similar motions in the American show ‘THE OFFICE’ and mobile games.

– Expectations are high for the team’s central batter role. What’s your goal?

“The biggest reason I wanted to come to Korea is one. It is because I want to win the Korean Series as a member of LG. I don’t know how many home runs I need to get to that goal, but I’ll do my best to meet the expectations of my fans and the club.”

– A word to the fans

“I like to communicate with my fans, but it’s a shame that I can’t meet them in person because of Corona 19. It would be good if you recommend a lot of information or restaurants to me who is experiencing Korea for the first time. I will do my best to help LG win the Korean Series. I ask for your support from my team and colleagues.

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