Twelve accumulated confirmed cases of the team KT


Twelve accumulated confirmed cases of the team KT is also dark in preparation for the second half of the coronavirus outbreak.


The dark clouds of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) rarely clear within KT, which finished the first half alone. There were confirmed cases again within the second division.

KT was scheduled to play a practice game against LG at Jamsil Stadium from 6 p.m. on the 26th, but was canceled due to a second-tier player’s confirmed case of coronavirus 19. There were additional confirmed cases of corona in the second-tier squad, and they decided not to play just in case.

KT explained that there was no violation of the quarantine rules. Recently, coronavirus has spread in non-capital areas, and players are also presumed to have been infected in their lives. KT is waiting for the results of the epidemiological investigation.

KT said one of the coaching staff was confirmed to be coronavirus 19 on the 19th, and one in the first team and three in the second team were confirmed to be coronavirus 19 on the 20th. This is not the end. Two more people were confirmed at the re-examination. Afterwards, the number of people quarantined and non-isolated was divided through an epidemiological survey. The additional confirmed cases occurred on Wednesday as a result of re-examination of players who had been quarantined.

According to KT, a total of 12 confirmed cases (accumulated) were reported throughout the team until the 26th. Once all the players have been tested, the players who have been tested negative are also being quarantined. This is to prevent further infections as much as possible.

The connection with the first team is not yet known, but some of the second-tier players trained together in the first team. If there is a confirmed case among the first-tier call-up members, the first-tier players will also have to be tested. Considering the size of self-quarantine, there will be dark clouds in preparation for the second half of the year.

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