Artist Yoo-ha is back with Sweetie Singer songwriter


Artist Yoo-ha is back with Sweetie


Singer songwriter Yoo Ha (21) has returned with her album “Sweet-Tea” on the 24th.

Yuha is a singer-songwriter who debuted with “ISLAND” in September 2020. Although he is a rookie who celebrates his first anniversary in September, he participates in writing and composing all the released songs.

Sweet-Tea, an album that expresses love with taste.

“Sweet-Tea” is Yuha’s fifth single album and includes “Cherry On Top” and “Ice-Tea,” which were pre-released on the 10th. “Sweet-Tee” is composed of songs that compare the love I think to taste. Unlike other songs, it’s conceptual and fresh.” He was responsible for producing, writing and composing both songs. “It’s been less than two years since I started working on the song. I still have a lot to improve on, but I think I was able to complete the album thanks to the help of people around me.

In the beginning of the album preparation, Yuha thought of a different concept from “Sweet-T.” “Sweet-T” was born during the work, and the song was completed by modifying the lyrics. “It’s my first album to revise lyrics. As I was working on it, I thought, “This album is not easy.”

Yuha said she starts working on a song from “moment feeling” based on her experiences. “I usually put what I feel in my head and use it like a nourishment of inspiration,” he said. “I wrote the songs in this album to make it look delicious. “If I compare the feelings I feel when I eat delicious food to love, I think it would be a sweet-tea feeling.”

Trying harder to overcome the prejudice of Choi Jung-won’s daughter.

Yoo-ha said that people around her had high expectations for this album. It is widely known that Yoo-ha’s mother is Choi Jung-won, one of the top musical actors in Korea.

“I don’t really play my music at home. I wanted to give my mom and dad some expectations. I wish my parents would listen to my song and say, “It’s a really cool song.”

“I actually don’t like the title ‘The daughter of musical actor Choi Jung-won.’ I think I try to do better than overcome this framework. I work harder and I love you.”

Yuha likened herself to ‘white’. “I want to express it in ‘white’ in that I can accept any color and express it as it is,” he said.

“I don’t think my musical color or voice tone is strong, but there was a time when I considered it a drawback. It’s what I think is my strength now. I think it’s good that I can show my personality as an artist by trying various music.”

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