Choi Ji-man meets his natural enemy Garrett Cole

Choi Ji-man

Choi Ji-man meets his natural enemy Garrett Cole

Choi Ji-man

Tampa Bay Race Choi Ji-man will restart the ‘Garrett Call Killer’ mode.

Tampa Bay will start its third consecutive home game against the 2022 Major League Baseball New York Yankees at 8:10 a.m. (Korea time) on the 21st at Tropicana Field.

Recently, Choi Ji-man is the hottest batter in Tampa Bay. Choi Ji-man helped break the team’s four-game losing chain by shooting a two-run shot over the middle fence in the game against Baltimore on the 19th.

Although he stepped down with no hits and one walk in two at-bats in Game 3, Choi maintained his No. 1 RBI position in the team (34 RBIs, as of the 20th).

The starting pitcher announced by the Yankees on the 21st is Garrett Cole. In particular, Choi Ji-man is showing a very strong side against Cole, and he proved his natural enemy relationship by hitting an infield hit in the most recent showdown 안전놀이터

Another point to watch in Game 1 between the Yankees and Tampa Bay is the starting showdown between the veteran and Young Gun. Tampa Bay heralded Shane McClanahan as the starting pitcher to face Garrett Cole.

“Veteran” Garrett Cole has a 3.33 ERA, the highest ERA among Yankees starters, but he still boasts his name value with 91 strikeouts. On the other hand, Shane McClanahan, who is mentioned as a candidate for the Cy Young Award, has become a new ace in the team, with seven wins and three losses and a 1.84 ERA in the season.

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