David Silva’s active career ends All three Manchester City

David Silva

David Silva’s active career ends All three Manchester City statues retire

David Silva

The trio, who created a new era of Manchester City with David Silva as the end, have all completed their active careers.

On the 27th (Korea Standard Time), Silva posted a video on his social media (SNS) announcing his retirement, saying, “Today is a sad day to say goodbye to soccer.”

Then, in a statement, “I was lucky enough to do what I liked the most. I have had unforgettable experiences since I started to enjoy soccer in my hometown. “I was so grateful for everything,” he said, expressing his gratitude to all the clubs and people who have been with him throughout his soccer career.

Silva was a legend for Spain and Manchester City. In 2005, he began to stand out in Celta Vigo (on loan) and led the team’s heyday with David Villa in Valencia. He also made his debut for the Spanish national team during this period, winning Euro 2008 and winning three consecutive major titles in the Invincible Fleet

He was also the one who opened a new era for Manchester City. Silva joined Manchester City in 2010. Manchester City, which won the league’s top-notch player along with Yaya Toure, who came to the team at the same time, was able to continue to supply and demand high-quality players in earnest.

It was such a great performance. As soon as Silva joined the team, he gave Manchester City the first FA Cup in 35 years. Starting with this, he has made a brilliant contribution to Manchester City’s establishment as a prestigious team by presenting four English Premier League (EPL) and five English League Cups

His skills remained the same in the last Real Sociedad together. As soon as he joined the team, he participated in the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup of Spain) final in the 2019-2020 season and lifted the trophy. Silva, who played semi-mainstream for the next three seasons, decided to retire after suffering a cruciate ligament injury during pre-season training 안전추천

As a result, all of Manchester City’s “three bronze statues” ended their active careers. Following the establishment of statues of Silva and Vincent Kompany in 2021, Manchester City also produced a statue of Sergio Aguero’s legendary ceremony to commemorate his first EPL victory in 2022. Kompany shared Manchester City’s glory as captain and Aguero as a solid goaltender

The two players took off their soccer shoes before Silva. Kompany started his new career as a coach in his native Belgium’s Anderlecht in 2020. Aguero was forced to choose to retire in 2021 due to heart arrhythmia problems.

And even Silva retired, ending an era of Manchester City. Silva, Kompany, and Aguero transformed Manchester City into the strongest team in Europe, not a rich club, and the seeds they sowed bloomed with three gold medals last season

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