Hong Kong protests have emerged after pro-China remarks

Hong Kong

Hong Kong protests have emerged after pro-China remarks by riot dogs, prompting a petition to withdraw the Oscar winner.

Hong Kong

“The unrest against the repatriation law in Hong Kong in 2019 is a riot, not a protest.”

The aftermath of the pro-China remarks of the actor’s dog group, which led to the heyday of Hong Kong’s action movies, is strong.

British magazine GQ released an interview with the panel late last month titled “Hong Kong’s Eternal Action Hero.”

In an interview, the panel said, “I’m 100% Chinese,” after giving up my U.S. citizenship. “I’m proud of you,” he said, expressing his pro-China tendency.

The panel also said China’s development is surprising, adding, “Most people outside China do not see it.”

The panel said, “It’s modernized. I’ve been to many countries around the world, but none of them are similar. Expressways, architecture, and convenient lifestyles have been developed, he said. “Western media such as BBC and CNN never mention that. “I never talk about the truth,” he said. “But I can tell because I’m there.”

In particular, the panel said, “The protests against the repatriation law in Hong Kong in 2019 were not protests. It was a riot,” he said.

The panel said, “I don’t want anything political. Some may be angry at my position, but I’m speaking from my own experience,” he said.

Eventually, according to the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) on the 6th (local time), “People from Hong Kong” posted a petition on the world’s largest petition site “Change Dot O’RG” asking for the exclusion of the Chinese Communist Party from the list of invitations to the awards ceremony.

“The opinion group’s remarks deny Hong Kongers the right to fight for their freedom and democracy,” they said. “If the Oscar committee continues to invite such a person, it will not only damage their image and reputation, but also seriously harm human rights and moral values.” “We demand that the Oscar committee reconsider this decision and cancel the panel’s invitation,” he added.

As of this morning, 50,000 people participated in the petition.

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