Coming out Kang Min-soo must be Ji-Ae From rapper

Kang Min-soo

Coming out Kang Min-soo must be Ji-Ae

Kang Min-soo

From rapper Kang Min-soo (activity name Aquinas) to Ji-ae from the group What’s Up, their coming out is drawing attention.

Ji-ae posted a message on her Instagram account on July 19 after confessing her love for both sexes.

On this day, Ji-ae captured the scene where her bisexual coming out was published, saying, “It’s a personal relationship issue, and it’s questionable whether it’s a man or a woman, it’s a big deal.” “I understand that this is the country I live in, but I’m also embarrassed,” he added. “I want to continue to work hard, do music, and sing in a world without prejudice.”

Earlier, Ji-Ae said, “Let’s love our feelings without hiding them” or “It’s hard, hard and eventful.””BT and whatever LG became,” he is,” he posted. “LGBT,” which Ji-ae mentioned, is a word that means sexual minorities such as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Through this, Ji-ae revealed her gender identity.

Also, rapper Kang Min-soo came out on his Instagram on July 13 saying, “I’m a bisexual.” As attention poured in, Kang Min-soo said, “Those who have been shunned by their families just because they are sexual minorities, those who have been hurt by people around them, etc.” and added, “I can imagine how hard it must have been. We’re not mean, and we’re not special. “Everyone is just the same person,” he added 광주호빠

Their public confession encouraged many. Especially, as Ji-ae said, their coming out is just a “personal love issue.”

In the past, singer and broadcaster Ha Ri-soo made her debut as the No. 1 Korean transgender entertainer, drawing attention. Harisu said his daily income reached 100 million won in his heyday, while at the same time, he had to fight against prejudice and criticism from many. Hong Seok-cheon, a broadcaster, came out as the first Korean entertainer. However, many entertainment programs still spin bombs, asking Hong Seok-cheon his ideal type of questions with colored glasses on. They say they are afraid that Hong Seok-cheon, a “sex minority,” will point to him.

Currently, Ha Ri-soo, Hong Seok-cheon, trot singer Kwon Do-woon, and Som Hye-in from the audition program “Idol School” followed by Kang Min-soo and Ji-ae. They gave courage to those who had no choice but to hide in the shade by coming out, even though their names were already known. It also states that this figure is never “wrong” or “different”. I hope that the small steps of those who still have to fight in many prejudices can create a bigger world.

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