Kim Yoon-ji’s husband’s father’s friend’s son fell in love


Kim Yoon-ji’s husband’s father’s friend’s son fell in love at first sight 15 years ago.


Kim Yoon-ji, who starred in “Dongsangimong 2,” said she fell in love with her husband 15 years ago.

Singer and actor Kim Yoon-ji appeared in the SBS entertainment program “Dongsangimong 2 – You Are My Destiny” (hereinafter “Dongsangimong 2”), which aired on the 30th to reveal the story of the marriage. The bride-to-be, who is about to get married in September this year, said about her husband, “I am the son of a friend of my father’s who I have known since I was a child.” Kim Yoon-ji’s husband’s father was a comedian weird, and his mother was Kim Young-im, the godmother of Gugak.

Kim Yun-ji said, “The father of both families was a brother. At first, he felt like a big brother who didn’t even play with him because he was five years apart from his husband. By the way, I immigrated to the U.S. and my brother met separately while studying in the U.S. “15 years ago, I was 19 years old and my 24-year-old brother was so cool that I fell in love with him at first sight.”

Kim Yoon-ji said, “I don’t remember, but I heard that your family was coming, so I went to the second floor and put on makeup. “He told me that I looked like an angel, but it turned out that I was dark at the time, but I looked like an angel because I put on kabuki makeup because I wore white makeup.”

Asked if he had a crush on her for 15 years, Kim Yoon-ji honestly said, “I wasn’t the only one who looked at you for 15 years,” but said, “We were comfortable letting you know golf.” But one day, I said, “Why don’t we meet seriously?” He said, “I told my parents right away, and as soon as I dated my parents-in-law, I borrowed the power of alcohol in three months and we’re dating.” “I’m getting married.”

When MC Kim Gu-ra asked, “Don’t you agree or disagree completely if your parents know each other?” Kim Yoon-ji said, “My mother was surprised. My father said, “It’s good that my son and daughter are getting married.”

Kim Yoon-ji also revealed her relationship with actress Yoon Seung-ah. “I spent my trainee days with Seung-ah for a while. So, my sister’s husband, Kim Moo-yeol, and my husband and my wife watched it together. Once, four of them met and texted me, “I’m happy that you look so comfortable.” “I thought I met my brother well after seeing that.”

Kim Yoon-ji then revealed that her cousin was married to Kang Ji-young, a member of the group Kara, and Kang Ji-young’s eldest sister was married to soccer player Ji Dong-won 부산출장마사지

Meanwhile, the Lee Ji-hoon♥Ayane couple prepared their first housewarming party. He’s a broadcaster Jung Joon-ha. Lee Ji-hoon said, “We knew each other before, but we got closer while performing in a musical together.” Lee Ji-hoon said, “Jun-ha always says this. There’s an 80 percent stake in our marriage. In fact, it is about 10 percent. In the past, I did a musical gala show, and a Japanese acquaintance of Jun-ha brought his wife with him and sat together at the after party. That’s when we first met.

Jung Joon-ha attracted attention by buying all the food ingredients for Lee Ji-hoon’s extended family, starting with a rice cooker. Having a Japanese wife in common, he told Ayane, “I prepared Japanese curry udon because I thought I would miss Japanese food,” and prepared a meal for 18 people. Lee Ji-hoon said, “It’s been a long time since Jun-ha learned a crazy cooking class in Cheongdam-dong.” Jung Joon-ha once took a cooking class with actor Jun Ji-hyun.

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