I’m sorry I’m a credit delinquent mother Ji Yeon-soo


I’m sorry I’m a credit delinquent mother


Ji Yeon-soo, the ex-wife and model of Eli, a member of the group U-Kiss, confessed to being a credit delinquent.

KBS2’s Capitalist School, which will air on the 10th, will open a capitalist restaurant.

Capitalism School is an entertainment program that contains realistic economic studies of children from teenagers to MZ generation, and it heralds the opening of the start-up challenge Capitalism Restaurant for 3040 this time, following the economic class “After-school Capitalism School” for teenagers and the “Fire Moth Social Investment Club.

As a result, a preview video of the “capitalist restaurant” was released to announce the recruitment of founders. In the video, Ji Yeon-soo, U-Kiss Su-hyun, U-Kiss Hoon, and Kang Jae-joon, who visited the production team to apply for the founder, were revealed.

The preview video for the opening of “Capitalist Restaurant” begins with Kim Joon-hyun, the master of 마스터 floating on the road. Kim Joon-hyun, who couldn’t take his eyes off the notice of recruiting founders on the wall, smiles and visits a restaurant where prospective founders will gather.

Kang Jae-joon just came in through the door, and Kang Jae-joon has a painful experience of closing the restaurant recently. After that, U-Kiss Su-hyun and Hoon enter the restaurant together, giving a foreboding of the outstanding competition rate.

In addition, amid the emergence of U-Kiss Ki-seop and Kang Doo, who are working part-time at a mom’s restaurant, a copy of the hyperrealism start-up challenge is shown, signaling the birth of a new corner.

In particular, in the last scene, Ji Yeon-soo sits on a chair and interviews, drawing attention. Ji Yeon-soo said, “I was a credit delinquent. So I didn’t have a choice,” he said, expressing his earnest desire to start a restaurant, raising expectations for who will be chosen as the first founder of the “capitalist restaurant” challenge for a living in 30s and 40s

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