Traveling to the U.S and Turkey with Han Yeseul’s boyfriend


Traveling to the U.S and Turkey with Han Yeseul’s boyfriend, 10 years younger? A luxurious cup of coffee.


Actress Han Ye-seul also delivered a surprise update on drinking coffee in a luxurious Turkish style.

Han Ye-seul posted a photo through her SNS on the afternoon of the 20th.

In the released photo, Han Yeseul is making coffee gracefully, saying it is a daily routine. In particular, he catches the eye by revealing his Turkish-style luxurious drinking of coffee cups 광주호빠

Following her daily life traveling abroad before COVID-19, she also shared her recent trip to the U.S. with her boyfriend, who is 10 years younger, raising questions about whether she had traveled to Turkey together this time.

Earlier, Han Ye-seul revealed her boyfriend 10 years younger and is proudly enjoying her relationship. While dating, there were active SNS activities, but there were many fans who were curious about the recent status. We’re currently considering the next product and launched a cosmetics brand.

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