45kg of perilla leaves and this volume is real


45kg of perilla leaves and this volume is real My new boyfriend needs to be nervous


Yusae leaf boasted an unrivaled volume.

YouTuber Yusae Leaf mentioned on his Instagram on the 15th, “It rained very well on the day we met a few days ago.” He then posted several photos with the message, “He prepared a cake for my birthday a few days later, but he died well thanks to the hot weather.”

In the photo released, Yusae Leaf is sitting at a cafe and resting with his friends. She shows off her sexy yet innocent charm with a sleeveless shirt and short shorts underneath.

In addition, Yusae Leaf confessed to chest plastic surgery through a YouTuber, showing a more glamorous body and stealing the attention of viewers.

Meanwhile, Yusae Leaf married at its peak in 2016 and gave birth to her daughter, Ms. Pine Leaf, but divorced. Yusae Leaf has made headlines for appearing on TV Chosun entertainment show “We Got Divorced.”

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