If there’s a Spanish media complaint, act like Lee Kang-in

Lee Kang-in

If there’s a Spanish media complaint, act like Lee Kang-in.

Lee Kang-in

Valencia is ranked the lowest in the Spanish professional football league history. While the atmosphere of the team was also hideous, the local media called for active movement like Lee Kang-in (20) instead of complaining behind the scenes that they did not like something 토토사이트

The Valencia edition of Spain’s “Plasa Deportiva” said, “If you just pretend that you don’t like the number or time of your participation, it won’t change. I’m going to appeal that I’ll let you play more like Lee Kang-in, and when you get the chance, show me your skills on the pitch,” he advised.

Lee Kang-in proved his ability to create opportunities by recording three assists in the limited playing time of 41.3 minutes in six games until the seventh round of the 2020-21 season. In the new year, he scored a goal in two games after overcoming the aftermath of the Corona 19 infection.

Valencia is ranked 17th in La Liga with three wins, seven draws and seven losses as of the 17th round this season – two points and 16 points. The 1985–86 season, which was the first and last season since its establishment, was also 16th.

However, the club has not invested any money since the transfer market in the summer of 2020. Far from reinforcing it, it earned 74.5 million euros by selling 12 people. Due to the drop in power and poor performance, the squad is in a state of disarray.

Lee Kang-in is signed to Valencia until the 2021-22 season. According to “Transfer Markt,” a media outlet specializing in the transfer market, the option to extend it by one year was included in the agreement in July 2018.

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