Can I get rid of the laser scar? As you go through the treatment


Can I get rid of the laser scar?


As you go through the treatment, you drill the holes one by one, one by one. Isn’t the mark missing in the middle of the treatment? It lasts at least two years Some patients have long-lasting marks, and some patients don’t have them very soon There are no marks If you don’t have it, you don’t have to worry too much about the treatment, because it’s gone by itself over time, so this isn’t the case if you just stop treating it

I came here in my early teens and early 20s for my first laser surgery consultation, and I thought I couldn’t because I had a patient burned when I was a kid I went to a university hospital and got counseling, and I could say that I heard the answer, “Don’t treat me, just live.” This patient’s got a bad scar, so he came to the hospital I can tell you that he spent 20 years treating the scar

It’s so white that it explains the boundaries, and it’s completely normal skin with a scar and a texture, and it’s a lot different The key point is how much texture you’re going to improve in treating this patient

When I first treated it, it was treated well and kept in gyo-dong Second, treatment. Second, steroid injections I put on steroid ointment. I got the second round of treatment

The patient was concerned Do you feel dizzy without it? I’d say I’m starting to ask It looks like the color of the red major factory in the national park, one by one, is steadily remaining on top of the scar regarding the laser drill in the middle You know, when you’re treated in a hospital, you’re constantly showing up in the middle of a long-term laser treatment like this, and when you’re done with the treatment, you’re done with the red laser holes are gone

I’d like to ask you that if you’re in a situation where you’re in doubt, you’ll have a drink with me, you’ll have a relationship, you’ll be anxious about your condition, and you’ll have to make it difficult because you’re being treated I’ll show you when there’s only one burn scar Third, watch when you treat it

I don’t know what it is, but there are a lot of holes left, and I told you that the scar has a texture that’s similar to normal skin, and the third time I showed it to a patient who feels like he’s taking it off and taking it off in a shelter

Now I’m using laser to see the laser free of charge, but I believe that time will go by, and I told you that there will be good results, but I’ve done it up to three times in this patient, and the treatment will stop Treatment will be suspended for two yearsThe fourth one was treated. The fourth one was treated

The fourth one looks like a steroid shot when you treat it, and the fifth one, and the sixth one looks a lot better when I do it The first five, the first five, was a lot better when you did it, and to make it better, you had to run it with a laser to get it done, and you could say that the asphalt treatment went well, and it was regenerated 온라인비아그라

Overall, there are few scars on this stage If you look at the wound, it’s gotten so much better I sent the patient to the end of the ranger treatment

The more you repeat it with a laser, the more consistent the effect will be If you look at the end, the rest area is better If you compare it with the original condition, you have to express that it’s gotten better like you lied It’s good to use a laser when the treatment is over I’d like to emphasize to you that the effect of layering is over 60% and over 70%, so it’s more effective

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