Apologize to all the fans, including fan manager of Brave Girls

Brave Girls

Apologize to all the fans, including fan manager of Brave Girls.

Brave Girls

Brave Entertainment, Brave Girls’ agency, apologized with an explanation for the fans’ complaints.

Lee Jong-hwa, vice president of Brave, left a lengthy message on his official SNS on the 23rd, explaining and apologizing for the recent controversial issues among fans.

Recently, Brave Girls fans complained about controversy over power abuse of Brave fan manager, unilateral deletion of fan cafe manager’s posts, cancellation and return of goods, and lack of fan cafe communication.

“I would like to bow my head to all the fans for the recent unsavory events, follow-up measures and company-level compensation,” Lee said.

Regarding the controversy over power abuse by the fan manager and the unilateral deletion of posts on the fan cafe, he said, “The fan manager has submitted his resignation letter and the head office has accepted it. I reflect on my negligence in training employees.” Vice President Lee promised to select his successor through thorough personality verification.

Regarding the goods, he said, “We promise to collect and refund all of the goods you have sold and return, and we will contact everyone who purchased them separately.”

Finally, Vice President Lee said, “We plan to make specific improvements to repay your fans’ love and change them. We will take greater responsibility and continue to take more careful steps.”

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