Comeback on the 20th Kepler’s refreshing charm


Comeback on the 20th Kepler’s refreshing charm


Group Kep1er (Kepler) caught the eye with its fresh and refreshing beauty.

Kepler (Choi Yu-jin, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Kim Chae-hyun, Kim Da-yeon, Hikaru, HUENINGBAHIE, Seo Young-eun, and Kang Ye-seo) posted the second concept photo of their second mini album “DOUBLAST” on their official SNS at midnight on the 14th.

Choi Yoo-jin, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Kim Chae-hyun and Kim Da-yeon were the first candidates for the concept photo of the “Blue Blast” version. The five members focused their attention at once, capturing the sweet and thrilling charm with their lovely sensibility sporty styling. The refreshing visuals resembling summer created a refreshing atmosphere that suited the ‘Blue Blast’ version

The members, who were exquisitely melted against the colorful background, exploded their refreshing potential with various photogenic poses and professional eyes. This concept photo contains all the charms of each member, giving off cool energy just by looking at it, making Kepler look forward to a different summer.

On this day, Kepler surprised fans once again with a more colorful personality by releasing a new concept photo of the “Blue Blast” version following “Lemon Blast.” As a result, questions are rising about how Kepler’s summer will bring joy to listeners.

Kepler continues the story of the adventure in which his dream will become a reality through this second mini-album Double Last. Among them, the title song “Up!” is a cute story of Kepler’s journey, which took its first step on the dream island “Kepler Island” named Happiness. The combination of rhythmical punk house and soulful house genres combines energetic vocals to boost the refreshing atmosphere of summer to the fullest.

Global fans are expected to see Kepler’s visual and musical growth, which has been upgraded further in the summer “Kepler Island.” Kepler, who has solidified his pleasant refreshing identity over his more solid music color, plans to solidify his presence as a “fourth-generation tier” with his second mini-album.

Kepler’s second mini-album “Double Last” will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 20th.

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