Why do I hear a beep in my ear? Tinnitus refers to hearing


Why do I hear a beep in my ear?


Tinnitus refers to hearing a beep from the ear in a situation where there is no audible stimulation from the outside. It is different for each person, including the beep sound of cicadas, bells, machines, and waves.

It is a common disease experienced by one-fifth of the total population and one-third of the elderly, but it is difficult to identify it with objective tests or data. Due to the noise and stress caused by the development of industrial society, the number of tinnitus patients is increasing.

The tinnitus is divided into cases where the cause can be estimated and cases where the cause is unknown. Where a cause can be estimated, it is divided into perception and perception causes. It is a percussion cause that sounds from one’s body, such as blood vessels, muscles, and jaw joint diseases, are transmitted to the ear. It is self-aware to hear noises that others cannot hear because of middle ear infections, upper ear infections, and external ear infections. In addition, tinnitus occurs due to Meniere disease, auditory nerve tumors, some antibiotics, diuretics, painkillers, and anti-cancer drugs.

Tinnitus is usually accompanied by hearing loss, headaches, vomiting, stress, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders 비아그라약국

If you don’t find a reason for hearing tinnitus, it’s recommended that you take medication or rehabilitation to relieve your symptoms. Refrain from substances that stimulate the nervous system, such as drinking, smoking, and caffeine, and you also need to have enough rest.

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