Ahn Yujin, you’re a genius at your main job…

Ahn Yujin

Ahn Yujin, you’re a genius at your main job.It’s not clear-eyed madness. It’s “Fatal Eyes”

Ahn Yujin

Ahn Yujin, a member of girl group Ive, gave off a luxurious atmosphere.

Elle, a fashion magazine, released a jewelry pictorial with Ahn Yu-jin and Italian high-quality Maison Bucellati on the 21st.

In the pictorial, Ahn Yu-jin overwhelmed the eyes with her jewel-like visuals and deadly charms.

Ahn Yu-jin’s charming eyes, charisma from the harmony of dark black hair, and sensuous facial expression perfectly blend to create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere that goes well with jewelry, completing the unique concept pictorial.

In particular, Ahn Yu-jin is rumored to have impressed the staff throughout the filming with her conceptual ability and professionalism like a “photoshoot master.”

More pictorials and interviews containing Ahn Yu-jin’s overwhelming aura can be found on Elle’s November issue and official SNS.

Ive, which includes Ahn Yu-jin, has continued its relentless rise by showing off the potential of the “4th generation representative girl group” by recording all-kill in the domestic music chart, as well as making a total of more than 1.11 million copies of its third single “After LIKE” released in August.

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