Who is the famous Korean movie star “Song Kang-ho”

Song Kang-ho

an actor of South Korea One of the best actors in Korea’s history is called Tom Hanks of Korea.

“The Best Ticket Power Actor” has been in the audience for years.
He is ranked among the top performers in the survey [8] including “The Best Actor.”
Chungmuro Troika [9], one of the best name-values in the Korean film industry in the 2000s.
He is still the best actor in the 2010s.
The box office performance of the films featuring Song Kang-ho as the main character is also overwhelming.

There are 13 films with more than 5 million viewers, including four films with more than 10 million viewers.
Recently, the total audience has finally surpassed 100 million.
Unlike Choi Min-sik, Hwang Jung-min, and Seol Kyung-gu, the movie is not just a good box office hit, but a revenge is mine, a memory of murder, a monster, a mouse, a brother of the Uiyang, a lawyer, 토토커뮤니티 Yeol-seol, etc.

As the average number of films he starred in is over 5 million, in short, those he only starred in are almost all box office hits or are well-received.
In short, he is a reliable actor and a national actor representing Korea.

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