The efficacy of cherry tomatoes for our body

cherry tomatoes

1. Basic Information
· How to Buy: It is recommended that the fruit is moderately sized, not soft on the outside, and hard, reddish, and fresh on the top.
· Similar ingredients: Tomatoes are smaller, so they are good for salad, etc.)
· Storage temperature: 15-25°C
· Storage date: 7 days
· Storage method: Store at a shady room temperature with good ventilation and no sunlight.
· How to clean: Wash it under running water, drain the water, and take off the tap.
· Acid characteristics and other information: Tomatoes are perennial herb native to the South American tropics such as Peru and Ecuador. It spread to Europe in the 16th century and was cultivated for ornamental purposes, but began to be used as a vegetable in the 19th century as varieties were improved.

2. Information on ingestion 파워볼사이트
· How to eat: It is usually eaten raw or used in salad dishes.
· Gunghap Food Information: Olive oil (Vitamin-rich cherry tomatoes taste good and absorb nutrients when eaten using dressing with olive oil.)
· Diet: Cherry tomatoes are good food for obese people due to low calories.
· Effectiveness: Prevention of obesity (drop tomatoes are good for obese people due to their low calorie content.)

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