Apple rejects e-mail apps using ChatGPT…”Let only people over 17 use it”.


Apple rejects e-mail apps using ChatGPT…”Let only people over 17 use it”.


The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on the 2nd (local time) that Apple has refused to approve an update of an e-mail app using the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot “ChatGPT.”

According to Blix, the developer of the e-mail app Blue Mail, Apple last week blocked updates to the app, citing concerns that Blue Mail’s new AI feature could create inappropriate content for children.

Blue Mail has introduced a new AI function that helps users automatically write e-mails based on existing e-mail contents and events stored in their calendars by applying OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

However, Apple’s App Review team said in a message sent to Blue Mail, “This app contains AI-generated content, but it does not have a content filtering function,” and demanded that the age of users be limited to 17 years or older or include a content filtering function. Currently, this app is available to anyone over the age of four.

Apple’s refusal to approve the update came a week after Blue Mail applied for an AI function update.

The WSJ evaluated that Apple’s attempt to set an age limit to manage generated AI content suggests that big tech companies are closely monitoring the risks posed by new AI technologies.

Recently, Microsoft’s search engine “Bing,” which is equipped with open AI’s chatbot function, has released inaccurate information or responded with unstable and angry responses in initial tests, sparking controversy over the latest AI technology.

However, Ben Bolak, co-founder of Blix, the developer of Blue Mail, refuted Apple’s demand, saying that Blue Mail already has content filtering capabilities.

In a WSJ interview, he said that other apps advertising that they introduced features similar to ChatGPT can be downloaded from the Apple App Store without age restrictions, adding, “If you need to limit them to 17 years old or older, so should other apps. I want fairness,” he said.

According to the WSJ, Blix has a history of conflict in the past, filing an anti-trust lawsuit against Apple in 2019 when it was deleted from the Apple App Store. 코인파워볼

Currently, the Blue Mail app can be updated without age limit on the Google Android Play Store.

In the case of Microsoft’s “Bing” smartphone app, only 17 years of age or older can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, but this is due to the ability to search adult content, which is not related to AI functions.

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