99.9% chance of advancing to the T1 PO with Reeve Sanfak


99.9% chance of advancing to the T1 PO with Reeve Sanfak.


While Nongshim Red Force defeated Hanwha Life eSports and confirmed the playoffs, Genji eSports, ranked second with 10 wins and 4 losses, and Damwon Kia, ranked fourth with 9 wins and 6 losses, also confirmed the playoffs.

The remaining three seats are T1, Liv Sandbox and African Prizes. Hanwha Life eSports, which had been chasing behind, lost 6 wins and 9 losses due to yesterday’s defeat, and the remaining games were Liv Sandbox, African Freex and T1, which are only 5.5 percent in probability. The gap is huge as the probability of African Freaks entering the PO, which needs to compete is 91 percent.

Meanwhile, T1 and Liv Sandbox are virtually confirmed. T1 has 99.999% of Genji eSports, DRX, and Hanwha Life eSports. Reeve Sandbox has four games left. Hanwha Life eSports, Freditte Brion, KT Rollster, and Damwon Kia have 99.979% chance of entering the PO.

With six teams almost determined to advance to the playoffs, it is one of the interesting points to watch whether a miracle can happen for the remaining two weeks.

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