Friends of Toronto tied up on the bench in Blge


Friends of Toronto tied up on the bench in Blge, don’t come out on a day off.


George Springer and other Toronto Blue Jays teammates played cute tricks on Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who was on a break day.

Guerrero Jr. took a break from home games against the Kansas City Royals at Rogers Center in Ontario, Canada on the 2nd (Korea time).

“Guerrero Jr. had a day off from today’s game,” Toronto coach Charlie Montoyo said in an interview after the game. Good rest is also needed for better performance. He is ready to play tomorrow.

Coach Montoyo then laughed, saying, “During the game, Guerrero Jr. made a joke to his teammates asking them to play, and tied the players to a dugout bench so that they could not play.”

In fact, Guerrero Jr. was tied to the dugout in the match, and the local commentators laughed loudly 토토사이트

Meanwhile, in the game where Guerrero Jr. rested, Jose Verrios, who moved to the trade, pitched six innings without a run, leading Toronto to a 5-1 victory.

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