Tickling at the entrance If the cold smells, is it highly likely to be vaginitis


Tickling at the entrance If the cold smells, is it highly likely to be vaginitis?


Q: I’m a woman in my early 20s. I’m worried about itchy and cold smell at the entrance. I have sex about three times a week. Boyfriends tend to be perversive, so they are often unsanitary.

I lick my mouth and face with my tongue by putting whipped cream cake and yogurt on my body. Recently, I made patbingsu at home and used the remaining ingredients (red beans, ice, strawberry syrup, etc.)

Maybe because of that, the quality is very itchy and the cold smells bad these days. It comes in yellow and white and smells sour. I was going to go to the hospital, but my friend said I didn’t have to go. But I’m still worried. Maybe it’s because of the women’s disease. If the cold smells, is it likely to be vaginitis?

A: If the mouth is itchy and the cold smells, it is likely to be vaginitis. When you get this disease, itches and stings, and the gallop turns red and swollen. It’s a very common condition that 75% of women experience.

Fungal vaginitis is caused by Candida bacteria. This fungus does not come from outside invasions, but lives in the quality of women. Normally, the acidity in the vagina inhibits bacterial proliferation, so there is no problem, but if nitric acidity is broken due to various causes, Candida bacteria can multiply quickly and become infected. If the amount of cold is too high and it smells bad, it is recommended to treat the cause because it is pathogenic.

Cold is the main cause of bacterial infection and appears to be hormonal imbalance. There are usually three types of vaginitis. First, bacterial vaginitis has a strong fishy smell, gray secretion, and foamy secretion.

Second, fungal vaginitis produces strong secretions such as cheese. It smells like baking bread, and the genitals turn red with pain and itching. Third, trichomonas vaginitis has a yellow secretion with a bad odor and causes itching on the gallop. It causes pain when having sex or peeing.

A slight discharge of the secretion does not mean that it is all pathological. Sometimes it comes out because of bad physical condition due to severe stress, fatigue, and lack of sleep, and sometimes it comes out because of vaginitis. However, it should be seen as a red light when there is a lot or yellowish color. Bacterial properties can be completely cured if the cause is removed. Symptoms are accompanied by secretions such as inflammatory effusion, high volume, poor color, and bad odor 정품비아그라

To prevent vaginitis, you should wash around your vagina every day. Use a hypoallergenic soap, march sufficiently, wipe clean and dry. When wiping with tissue after taking a toilet seat, wipe it from the vagina to the anus. You should not do backwater. Washing the inside of the vagina can break the balance of the vagina. Antibiotics are only taken when absolutely necessary. Antibiotics can kill even good germs. Wear cotton-coated underwear. I don’t wear tight underwear or underwear stockings. It is desirable to visit the gynecologist for treatment, but if you don’t want to go, you can go to the pharmacy and buy vaginitis medicine and use it. There’s a moisturizer and cream that you put in your vagina, and if you use both, you’ll get better quickly.

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