Kim Jongkook physical condition deteriorated after boxing…

Kim Jongkook

Kim Jongkook physical condition deteriorated after boxing…compulsory protection

Kim Jongkook

After boxing, Kim Jongkook confessed to wearing a protector in his weakened arm condition.

On the 17th, broadcaster Kim Jong-kook released a video under the title of “GYM Jong-kook Jong-kook Exercise Live…” on the “GYM JONG KOOK” channel.

On this day, Kim Jong-kook visited the gym with trainer Choi Han-jin. Kim Jong-guk said, “I’m going to do shoulder exercises first today, and then I’m going to pour out some more back exercises and other parts.”

Kim Jong-kook, who is immersed in exercise in earnest, first started arm and shoulder exercise. He said, “You know, it’s too hard later, right? “Then don’t do it too hard on the Suo, but even if the height is a little low, you can do it as much as you can until your shoulders burn,” he advised.

At this time, when the PD asked, “Can you say a word to the person watching with you at the gym?” Kim Jong-guk said, “Don’t take a long break! “To match us,” he said, delivering a firm word to the fans watching live.

Kim Jong-kook, who is helping trainer Choi Han-jin behind him, said, “If you have a partner, use a partner “You’re not doing it together because you’re lonely,” he said, making the viewers laugh.

Now, Kim Jong-guk’s favorite press movement, he headed to the balloon with a light step as if he were quite excited. He said, “These days, when I was working out for the press, I’ve never worn an elbow protector in my life, but since boxing, it’s gotten worse, so I actually wear an elbow protector these days,” which made fans feel sorry.

Later, the PD said, “I’m tired of exercising. Then what should I do?” Kim Jong-guk asked, “Throw away what you’re trying to do, including chest benches and benches,” and advised, “It’s a great habit to come to the gym quickly and leave quickly.”

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