Lim Hye-young’s last episode Nam Ga-bin’s sobbing

Lim Hye-young

Lim Hye-young’s last episode Nam Ga-bin’s sobbing apology makes me cry

Lim Hye-young

Lim Hye-young, who played Nam Ga-bin, expressed her feelings about the drama.

Actress Lim Hye-young played the role of musical actress and actress Park Hae-ryun (Jeon No-min) in TV Chosun’s weekend drama “Marriage Composition 2” (played by Phoebe, Lim Sung-joon, directed by Yoo Seung-hoon, and Lee Seung-hoon).

Nam Ga-bin is a character who appears as a “triple of infidelity” with Song Won (Lee Min-young) and Ami (Song Ji-in). He is the first person to realize his or her fault when his or her parents are punished for leaving the world at once.

Nam Ga-bin, who was proposed by her ex-boyfriend Seo Dong-ma (bu-bae) on August 8, notified Park Hae-ryun (Jeon No-min) of her breakup, and Park Hae-ryun, who was hurt, shed tears of remorse as she recalled her ex-wife Lee Si-eun (Jeon Soo-kyung) when she divorced. In addition, Nam Ga-bin, who was obsessed with guilt, visited Lee Si-eun’s house late at night and repeated sobbing and apologizing in a lost state.

In particular, Lim Hye-young’s emotional acting stood out in this scene. Lim Hye-young’s perfect portrayal of Nam Gavin crying at Lee Si-eun and asking for forgiveness. “My mom and dad died because of me.” I think I’m guilty. Divorced because of me and karma. Nam Ga-bin’s crying, “Please forgive me,” seemed to show the end of his affair.

Lim Hye-young said in an interview with Newsen at a cafe in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 10th, “It was a scene that was understandable but incomprehensible. “Gabin didn’t go to Lee Si-eun’s house out of one sorry thing, but Park Hae-ryun was worried and visited with many complicated emotions,” he said, recalling the filming.

Lim Hye-young then said, “What helped me a lot was that I felt like I was being hugged by my mother when I was hugged by Jeon Soo-kyung. It made me think that Gavin must have been hugged by his late mother. So when I was hugged by my senior, it hurt so much, and I still cry when I think about that scene.”

In the drama, Lim Hye-young and Jeon Soo-kyung met as lovers, but they had a good relationship from a long time ago. Lim Hye-young said, “You are such a good person to me. I got a lot of help from my senior when filming that scene, and I think there was a scene where I went to see Sieun in the beginning. I shouldn’t have cried then, but I kept crying. The director even said, “Hye-young, hold back your tears.” “Just looking at your eyes made me tear up, so I became more immersed in it,” he confessed.

He must have had a lot of worries playing the role of an unfaithful woman, Nam Ga-bin. When asked how she tried to express Nam Ga-bin, Lim Hye-young said, “When you love someone, it hurts you sometimes.” And when it’s too hard, sometimes you can’t see. Gavin also felt like a warm ray of light when he was hurt (by Seo Dong-ma), adding, “We should never have started a relationship, but Gavin didn’t think it would be a journey that would break a family.” “I took it because I was hurt by someone I loved and I couldn’t see anything.”

Lim Hye-young also said, “To make an excuse, it was largely due to haeryeon. I didn’t ask you to marry me,” he said, drawing laughter.

What kind of life will Nam Ga-bin live in season 3? Lim Hye-young said, “I hope you live a good life with a heart of apology. But can I apologize? “I don’t know if I can make someone sick and live well.”

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