Another TV broadcaster Jin Ki-joo and Kim Bo-kyung’s

Jin Ki-joo

Another TV broadcaster Jin Ki-joo and Kim Bo-kyung’s challenged crew member announcer.

Jin Ki-joo

There is another person in the broadcaster who boasts an extraordinary background like Jin Ki-joo, who has become an actor through a broadcasting station reporter and model.

Jin Ki-joo is loved by many for constantly challenging herself for her dream. Producer Kim Bo-kyung is the one who has no hesitation in challenging as Jin Ki-joo. He was once called the “sports goddess.” After joining KBS N Sports Announcer in 2016, he is now turning into a PD and challenging another path. He listened to the story of PD Kim Bo-kyung, who has an interesting career.

Tell me what you’ve been up to.
He is focusing on his work as a producer, leaving his announcer behind for a while. When I was an announcer, I used to go to the sports scene a lot, but now I’m working hard as a PD. Since I have traveled around the country a lot, I have to sit at my desk now, so my hips are cramping. (laughs)

– What’s the reason why you put off your popular announcer work and focus on your PD work?
There are so many different departments in the broadcasting station. I wanted to experience various tasks when I was younger. As the broadcasting industry is in the midst of change recently, I thought it would be better to have my own competitiveness in many ways. So I’m focusing on the PD’s work.

– Isn’t there a big difference between the announcer and the producer working for the same broadcasting station? It wouldn’t have been easy to adjust to.
I thought I had to be an all-rounder to work here for the rest of my life. So I was always interested in the work of other departments and seniors. My seniors teach me a lot and take good care of me, so there is no big difficulty. Especially, I’m most grateful to Jung Hyo-jin. This experience will be a valuable asset to me. I haven’t seen anyone like me around me either. Everyone thinks I’m amazing, so I’m proud of myself. I think I have the ability to adapt and achieve anywhere. I believe all of this will be a big foundation in the broadcasting sector in the future.

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