This freckle boy becomes someone’s world-class


This freckle boy becomes someone’s world-class young and rich


Actress Timothy Chalame shared a lovely childhood snap to mark her 27th birthday. It has been two weeks since the filming of the sequel to the movie “Dune” ended.

Timothy Chalamet released a photo of a cute boy on her social media account on Friday to mark her 27th birthday.

A polaroid photo shows one side of his head raised with a gel. With a gentle smile, cute freckles stand out.

Chalame’s friends also posted messages celebrating his birthday, with actor Zendeia Coleman, who also starred in “Dune,” celebrating Chalame’s birthday in person.

Meanwhile, the first installment of the science fiction film “Dune” was released in October last year and was a commercial success, grossing $410 million at the box office

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. changed its expectations in June to a sequel to “Dune” from October 20, 2023, to November 17, 2023.

On the other hand, Chalame bought the luxurious Beverly Hills mansion where model Kate Upton (30) and baseball player Justin Verlander (39) lived for 11 million dollars last month, drawing attention.

He also said that his mindset is like an “old man” and that he has the same aspect as an old man

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