Treatment period for discoloration and whitening of front teeth


Treatment period for discoloration and whitening of front teeth


The main purpose is to look at the symptoms of a patient who had difficulty in social life because the discoloration of his teeth that he received in the past came out and looked dark when he smiled

It’s called live whitening. It’s natural. Some people are naturally dark, some people are colored, some people are dark on trips, but if you say live whitening, you have to have a history of nerve treatment, and the nerve inside dies, and the discoloration goes on for a long time

The cause is not the surface of the teeth, but the discoloration from the inside, so just applying a whitening agent to the surface cannot brighten it up So, in the case of live whitening, we drill holes in the teeth and make nerves. Later, we remove the resin, remove the substance, the defendant, or the cement, and apply it to the hollow space and turn on the solid color flash

There are a lot of other problems, but the main reason why you thought about it was because you wanted to whiten your teeth, regardless of the nervousness If you look at it, you can see that it stands out Before I whitened it, I took it to record the tone and color. It’s called a matching shade guide, but it wasn’t like that. It was dark and stuff 시알리스 판매

I pierced a hole, and I used to get nervous, and when I went in to get rid of the wires that I put on, I actually went in to break up, and my teeth weren’t finished with nerve treatment I got my nerve treated again and felt that my other teeth were a bit dark, so I whitened my other teeth

I got hit with the resin with the whitening agent We need a more complicated process I’m sure some of you are curious about how long it usually takes. I think it takes about a month The conclusion is that there are people who applied whitening agents and took it a little longer, and there are people who take it a little faster, and there’s a little difference in the treatment process, but I think it’s about a month There’s nothing in particular except that you have to keep your mouth open while receiving treatment. Usually, you recall every week, check one drink, check the color tone, and repeat the process of whitening

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