Totally recruiting Tottenham Bale because of a passive and terrifying injury


Totally recruiting Tottenham Bale because of a passive and terrifying injury.


It is unlikely that Tottenham Hotspur will fully recruit Gareth Bale (31).

Bale returns to Tottenham to play happy football, but it is not as explosive as it used to be and lives with injuries as feared. As a result, he has no choice but to return to his original team, Real Madrid after the season.

“It’s the veil that best describes the difficulties Real faces. Real tried to sell it two years ago. Some clubs asked about the price and salary, but there was no clear offer 안전놀이터추천

Bale is not in the Real Plan. There is no team to live with risk because there is nothing to show. After much consideration, he reached an agreement with Tottenham on the condition that he would pay half of his weekly salary. There is a flash, but now that’s an old saying. If it’s worth a little momentum, the wings will be broken by injuries, so Tottenham should say goodbye after the season, but not Real. I have to hug you again.

“Real is lowering requirements and paying half of Bale’s salary,” the media said. The problem is that he is no longer an explosive young player. He has a frightening record of injury at the age of 31. Therefore, Tottenham are reluctant to fully sign the team. “If Bale returns to Real to fulfill his last contract next season, the club will have to spend 30 million euros (40.1 billion won).”

The solution is to sell players. The media said, “There is a way to sell players who are at the end to save money and salaries. For example, Sergio Ramos, who will soon turn 35, wants a two-year contract with an annual salary of between 25 million euros and 30 million euros (33.4 billion won) as he did when he was 29. “It could be burdensome to send out a large number of players, including Isco, Marcellu, and Dani Sevayos,” he said. “Real is trying to sell and cash these players to catch other resources, but there are financial difficulties in the aftermath of the coronavirus. It is an abnormal situation where small and medium-sized clubs are looking for special products. “There is no team that wants to get a high salary man when performance is poor.”

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