Lazy genius has come to his senses. I owe my colleagues an apology


Lazy genius has come to his senses. I owe my colleagues an apology


Has the lazy genius finally come to his senses?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (22, Toronto Blue Jays), who was expected to be a high-profile prospect, has not shown as much destructive power as expected since his big league debut in 2019. He batted .269 with 184 hits, 24 home runs, 102 RBIs, 66 walks, 129 strikeouts, and a .336 slugging percentage in 183 games over the past two years.His performance was not noticeable at 442 OPS .778.

The defense was even more disappointing. He made 17 errors in 96 games as a third baseman in his first year. Last year, while the opening of the season was postponed due to Corona, his body swelled rapidly and he was declared unable to defend third base, and he had to move his position to first base. At the same time, he became a “lazy genius” compared to shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego), who made his big league debut 토토사이트

Guerrero, who only left disappointment, made a strong decision this year. She lost 42 pounds (about 19 kilograms) at the Toronto Spring Camp, Dunedin, Florida, last winter.

Guerrero, who had a video interview with local reporters on the 25th (Korean time), said, “I knew that I had been hurting my health for the past few years. “I didn’t prepare properly,” he told his teammates that he apologized for his laziness.

“My colleagues accepted my apology. It motivated me. It’s all old now. “I’m going to start and prepare again. The shirt that was tight at the end of last year’s season is quite loose now. I feel like my body is much faster. He became lighter when running to first base and when training in defense. In the past, he used to get tired when he hit 50 to 60 ground balls, but now he is not. “It’s faster in every way.

He also expressed his desire to defend third base. “I couldn’t believe my legs before,” Guerrero said. I couldn’t get to the ground ball, but I’m trying hard now. “The best part is defense. However, it is highly likely that the third base position will be limited to first base in Toronto’s plan this season, with Caban Vizio’s share of Guerrero will be limited to first base.

Regardless of the position, expectations are growing for Guerrero’s potential explosion. “I saw Guerrero improve every day in the offseason,” said Toronto general manager Ross Atkins. “I’ve made a good body, and I’m really looking forward to how it will affect the entire game this year. Toronto coach, Charlie montoyo “Over time, he will become one of the best hitter in” high expectations.

“Gerrero’s behavior and tone have matured,” said fellow infielder Lowdy Teels, who urged Gerrero to stop eating late at night. “Ready to move with a healthy body, Guerrero can be one of the most dangerous players,” he said. “There are too many misunderstandings. I don’t know how hard he works. “This offseason, he is doing his best to be the best,” he said, adding to the lazy genius’ reflection.

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