I’m so worried about retirement with 99 goals.


I’m so worried about retirement with 99 goals.


Luxury, luxury, and underwear are not words that frequently appear in questions that Popotu receives from readers. Conversely, it is also said that other players are not Jibril Cisse. As a fashionista and striker, Cisse enjoyed his active career throughout Europe and beyond. I enjoyed success in France, Greece, and England. This includes Liverpool, which won the UEFA Champions League in 2005 메이저사이트

Fans will remember him for his colorful hair style and fashion sense, noisy cars, giant tattoos and fluorescent whiskers. Of course, when I think of him, I can’t forget to score 280 goals over 20 years. Aside from how active he was, he was as serious as he was dealing with soccer. For an hour or so spent in his office, we could feel how devoted and enthusiastic he was and a player immersed in his work.

Several serious leg fractures may have gnawed at the enormous potential shown by the first club Auxerre. But everywhere, Cisse wanted to play and score goals. Now he is ready to answer the difficult question you sent.

His father, Mange Shise, played for Ivory Coast. How much influence have you had on your life?
My father was quite famous in Africa. He left home when I was young, but I always knew what he was doing. I was really proud of my father’s achievement. The fact that he is his son certainly fostered my ambition. No one forced me to do that, but in some ways I had no choice. It was always soccer.

Who was the idol in soccer?
Jean-Pierre Papain! I was a Marseille fan and he was my hero. It was good that he had a hard time in his early days as a player. Although he didn’t show his performance properly, he always played hard and ended up being together. He showed people who he was and what he could do. It was a great player. Do you remember his goals? He was ‘the master of volleyball.’

How much was influenced by the legendary Giroud director when he was a rising star?
I don’t want to say that my career is entirely due to him. Because I had my own ambition, professionalism, and talent. But in my early days as a player, it was everything to me. It was a great director. He taught me how to be a soccer player. It was really strict. He also called the nightclub to find the players. He quietly said, ‘Let’s go home.’ I’ve only been caught once! Believe it or not, I wasn’t a party buff. Soccer was everything to me.

Was it difficult to connect the French Golden Generation? How did you feel when you debuted on the national team in May 2002?
It wasn’t difficult at all. We were World Cup and Euro champions. The French national team was full of world-class players who could help young players. I didn’t think I was the first option. Because there were so many great strikers. Instead, I had time to slowly let my name known and learn. There was no burden. All the players were really nice to me. It was a really good time.

During the 2002 World Cup, there were the most scorers in each league. England (Henry), Italy (Trezege), and France (Treasure). However, he was last in Group A without scoring a goal. Why?
To be honest, I don’t know what the problem was. You are right. Our team had world-class players not only in the front line but also in the side. I should have done better. One thing to choose from is that he lost Zinedine Zidane to injury ahead of his first match against Senegal. He was the best player ever. Any team could miss such a presence, but we should have done better.

It was Gerard Ullier who signed with you, and how did it feel to move to Liverpool under Rafael Benitez?
First of all, I was really really proud of signing with Liverpool. I was very excited to be with Uli, who knew me well on the national team. In fact, when Zidane left the national team, he came to my hotel room and asked me to join Real Madrid, but he knew Liverpool’s interest in me and the negotiation situation at the time. I didn’t mean to change my mind. Tottenham, Milan, and some big clubs wanted me, but it was always Liverpool. Gerard was dismissed a week before I joined. That’s soccer. I respected him, but it was up to me to prove myself on the ground. Rafa, who like. He spoke French, too. It was helpful.

What do you remember about the leg fracture in October 2004? How did you get back much earlier than expected?
I didn’t know what a serious injury it was at the time. I remember only the most painful. A few months later, the medical team told me that it was serious. It was bad enough to lose a foot. There were complications from blood flow, but the medical team did a great job right after the accident. Thanks to hard rehabilitation and excellent treatment, I came back really quickly. However, he was not reckless enough to rush or risk everything. I focused on getting better and better rather than getting better quickly. Surprisingly, I was able to make my comeback on time.

How was the atmosphere of Anfield in the 2004–05 Champions League semi-final against Chelsea?
It was unbelievable. At that time, Chelsea’s rivalry was strengthened, which would have been the best of the atmosphere I’ve ever experienced. The stadium literally turned over at the last minute. When the end whistle blew and we won, Fitch seemed to have a small earthquake. You have to remember that there were big stars in Chelsea. John Terry, Didier Drogba, and other directors like Jose Mourinho, who led this tremendous situation.

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