Kim Danbi’s fine of 800,000 won for using his elbow


Kim Danbi’s fine of 800,000 won for using his elbow


Kim Dan-bi, who used his elbow, was fined.

WKBL (Korea Women’s Professional Basketball Federation) held a finance committee meeting at the WKBL Deungchon-dong office building on the 20th. The move was aimed at discussing Kim Dan-bi’s ungentlemanly behavior in the match between Incheon Shinhan Bank and Cheongju KB at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 17th.

At that time, Kim Dan-bi used his elbow to opposing defender Um Seo-yi in the process of attempting a post-up with 8 minutes and 28 seconds left before the end of the second quarter. Um Seo-yi closely marked Kim Dan-bi to put pressure on her, and Kim Dan-bi reacted nervously to it and hit Um Seo-yi’s chin with her elbow.

Kim Dan-bi received an Unsportsmanlike foul for this play. As a result, Eom Seo-yi attempted two free throws and KB took the right to attack.

It was a very dangerous play. Even if you check the slow screen of the broadcast, you could see that he used his elbow as well as his intentional appearance. Fortunately, Eom Seo-yi was not hit on the elbow in orthodox manner, but if she was hit incorrectly, it could have been a big trouble.

The use of elbows in basketball is a very taboo movement. The elbow is the hardest part of the body and can cause major injuries. NBA also strongly responds to fouls using elbows. If you swing your elbow excessively, you will be declared “Flagrant 1 (Flagrant 1) or Flagrant 2 (Flagrant 2), a foul for immediate exit.” Not long ago, LeBron James (Lakers) hit his opponent with his elbow and was immediately sent off 안전공원

Fans criticized Kim Dan-bi’s ungentlemanly behavior, and in the end, WKBL convened a finance committee to discuss Kim Dan-bi’s actions. The finance committee members convened on the 20th decided to impose a fine of 800,000 won, judging that Kim Dan-bi’s actions were against sportsmanship.

For aces leading the team like Kim Dan-bi, their nerves can be sharp if they are intensively checked by opposing defenders in each game. However, such an ungentlemanly play was an act that should never be done.

Walking around the court in good health is the best happiness everyone can enjoy. Therefore, you should never play to hurt your opponent. This applies not only to Kim Dan-bi but also to all players. Players need to play fair with the spirit of partners.

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