Isn’t that PK even though it’s a creepy injury? resentment of director’s


Isn’t that PK even though it’s a creepy injury? resentment of director’s


Manager Neil Warnock Middlesbrough was furious when the penalty was not called even in the dangerous scene during the England Championship (second division) 토토추천

Middlesbrough lost 0-1 in the 25th round of the 2020-2021 England Championship against Blackburn Rovers at Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough, England, on the 25th (Korea time).

During the match, there was a scene that could make fans’ hearts flutter. In the 12th minute of the first half, defender Dael Fry jumped up to get a cross flying to the door with his head in the corner of Middlesbrough.

However, Fry’s face hit the opponent’s foot before the flying ball. Blackburn defender Jared Branswaite was exactly caught in Fry’s face by a high-lift to clear the ball. Fry’s right eyelid, which was taken on Branswaite’s soccer shoe stud, had a terrible wound. The situation could have led to serious injuries.

Warnock and other Middlesbrough benches protested the scene and demanded a penalty. However, the judges did not eventually declare a penalty for the scene. Branswaite, who committed dangerous acts, was not even warned. Fry left the stadium bleeding and was replaced by Nathan Wood.

According to the photo released by the Middlesbrough club shortly after the match, Fry’s right eye is swollen black. The wound just below the eye is sewn by the medical staff. Fry will undergo a thorough examination in the future.

According to British media The Sun, manager Warnock said after the match, “It was an incident that could change the game,” adding, “I don’t think Branswaite was intentional.” But it was an act that threatened the safety of the player. “His feet were only a few millimeters away from Fry’s eyeballs.

“We missed the best player in our team and missed the penalty kick,” he said. “I’m out of my mind,” criticizing the decision.

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