Kang Yu-mi’s divorce became a mockery It’s not because of Yangak

Kang Yu-mi

Kang Yu-mi’s divorce became a mockery It’s not because of Yangak It’s a parody of crossing the line

Kang Yu-mi

The parody crossed the line. The blatant hint identifies one. YouTuber Kagwang, who has 250,000 subscribers, has produced a parody video reminiscent of comedian Kang Yoo-mi’s “divorce.”

Funny jokes and humor codes are often reborn as parodies to provide new fun. However, the mocking of humor is to sprinkle salt on the wound.

Kagwang posted a parody video on his YouTube channel on the 7th. The video titled “The Divorced Female Comedian RP in Three Years” begins with an announcement saying, “This video does not intend to demean a particular person.”

In the released video, Kagwang in a wedding dress appeared. He said, “I’m getting married today. Oh, this person is a very grateful person who loves me who is lacking, he said. “As soon as I saw this, I was convinced that it was him,” and produced ASMR contents by touching the bouquet and congratulatory gold envelopes with my hands.

Later, as the screen changed, Kagwang’s appearance turned into a black outfit and a haggard look. The background of the court’s setting is “Looking Three Years Later.” “It was a really painful wound,” he said. “Is it because of biculturalism? That’s not true,” he said.

“I’m really sorry to you because I was surprised by the personal news,” he said. “It was a pain that I couldn’t say easily.” To put it mildly, I got a divorce. “I agreed with my husband,” she said, touching divorce papers and stamps and playing the ASMR sound again.

He said, “How do I get to the court? “I’m going to take an ambulance,” he said. “You know what happens in your life. After a short break, I will concentrate on YouTube activities from now on. “I’m in a bad mood, so I’ll just have to puncture my radio schedule,” he said, directing an apology again.

Some netizens who watched the video reminded them of comedian Kang Yu-mi. The ASMR content in the video is mainly covered by Kang Yu-mi’s YouTube channel. In addition, Kang Yu-mi recently reported that she divorced after three years of marriage. Something that naturally reminded me of him.

Moreover, Kang Yu-mi was criticized for using an ambulance for being late for her 2013 Busan performance schedule. He was also embroiled in controversy over his 2019 live radio schedule. In 2011, surgery on both sides of the jaw made headlines.

“I always wanted to tell many people who would have been surprised by my personal news before the article, but I couldn’t tell them because it was a personal pain that I couldn’t easily courageously tell them. It was a painful wound and a hard time, but I really appreciate this opportunity that I was able to stay busy at work thanks to the support of my subscribers. We will continue to do our best with fun contents and show you our best.”

Kang Yu-mi confessed her divorce through her YouTube channel community on the 7th. It strangely overlaps with the lines that appear in the video of Kagwang. His divorce is personal. It is questionable whether it is something that can be ridiculed by revealing the disgrace of the past. It’s a pity that her private life has become a laughing matter because she’s a comedian

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