The most scoreless EPL scoreless than the shock level against


The most scoreless EPL scoreless than the shock level against Manchester United’s GK West Ham was criticized


Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Manchester United) lost to West Ham United with a decisive mistake by goalkeeper De Gea.

Manchester United lost 0-1 in the 35th round of the Premier League in the 2022-23 season against West Ham at London Stadium on the morning of the 8th (Korea Standard Time). Manchester United ended the game in defeat in the 27th minute of the first half, allowing West Ham’s Ben Ramah to score the first goal. Benrama’s right-footed ground ball from the front of the penalty area headed to Manchester United’s goal, and goalkeeper De Gea tried to block it, but the deflected ball hit De Gea’s hand went into the net.

Crouch, who played as a striker for Liverpool and the English national team when he was active, told BT Sport in England, “If De Gea is discussing renewing his contract, this mistake will not help at all. De Gea has been a top goalkeeper for years but has made a huge mistake in the big game. It was a terrible mistake. De Gea lost a point due to his mistake, but it is strange that he is the player with the most scoreless games in the Premier League.

“It was a bad mistake,” said Ferdinand, a Manchester United legend. You have to take full responsibility. De Gea’s left foot slipped a little, but it’s unacceptable. “De Gea was in a situation where he touched the ball properly,” he said. “I made a mistake today, but that’s not the ultimate question I have for De Gea. “I wonder if he is enough soccer player to fit coach Ten Haach’s playing method,” he criticized.

Tottenham legend Jenas expressed his thoughts on De Gea’s mistake, saying, “It’s beyond the shock.”

De Gea has played 34 Premier League games this season and has defended 15 games without losing a point, ranking first among goalkeepers in the Premier League this season.

In the Premier League, he has scored no runs in 145 games. He holds the record for the most scoreless Premier League games among active players, and Gea is ranked fourth in the Premier League’s record for the most scoreless games. De Gea, who joined Manchester United in 2011, played a leading role in Manchester United’s victory in various tournaments, including the Premier League, the League Cup, the FA Cup, and the UEFA Europa League, but made a shocking mistake against West Ham 토토놀이터

Manchester United will remain in fourth place in the league with 19 wins, 6 draws and 9 losses (63 points) due to their defeat against West Ham. Manchester United, which is seeking to play in the UEFA Champions League next season, lost to West Ham with De Gea’s mistake and missed a chance to recapture third place in the league, maintaining a shaky fourth place, one point ahead of Liverpool (62 points)

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