Rosé’s 16-year-old romance rumor has been reversed


Rosé’s 16-year-old romance rumor has been reversed due to BLACKPINK’s renewal


YG, which maintained its “private life” stance on rumors of a romantic relationship between the group Black Pink Rose and actor Kang Dong-won, reversed it and started to extinguish the romantic relationship. As BLACKPINK is about to expire its contract, some speculate that YG has responded sensitively.

Recently, rumors of a romantic relationship between Rose and Kang Dong-won have spread through online communities. Some Internet users claimed that the two wore “couple items” such as the same necklace and outerwear, and that they attended the art fair held at COEX in Seoul, and that they appeared in photos of the fashion group.

As rumors of a romantic relationship spread, BLACKPINK’s agency YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG) said on the 17th, “It is difficult to confirm because it is the private domain of artists.”

Earlier, YG did not confirm or deny the romantic relationship between BLACKPINK Jenny, BTS V, AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk, and fromis_9 Lee Sa-rom, citing “artist privacy.” However, he denied rumors of a romantic relationship between BLACKPINK Jisoo, soccer player Son Heung-min, G-Dragon, and Shinsegae Group Chairman Lee Myung-hee’s granddaughter as groundless.

In response, some Internet users said that avoiding an answer due to privacy reasons was “YG-style acknowledgment,” and the main response was that rumors of a romantic relationship between Rose and Kang Dong-won were also true. As a result, the age difference between the two, who are 16 years apart, was also a hot topic

Then, YG said in the afternoon of the same day, “Rosé’s romance rumor is not true,” adding, “We inform you once again as reckless speculation continues. “I would appreciate it if you could help me prevent the spread of facts,” he said, reversing and denying the morning’s position.

Speculation is rising that the issue of renewing the contract of Black Pink, which includes Rosé, may have played a role in the birth of a laughable happening. BLACKPINK is currently a world star on the largest world tour of K-pop girl groups, “BORN PINK,” which attracts about 1.5 million audiences. On the 16th (local time), he received a lot of attention as a headliner for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the United States.

As a large-scale singer working around the world, BLACKPINK, who is about to renew his contract in August, is attracting domestic and foreign attention. It is interpreted that YG has unusually reversed its position on sensitive issues that have occurred while BLACKPINK’s future has not been decided and has begun to extinguish them

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