The meaning of Lee Da-young’s tears and all the setters,

Lee Da-young's

The meaning of Lee Da-young’s tears and all the setters,

Lee Da-young's

The final round of the women’s fourth round of the Dodram 2020-2021 V League, which took place at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on the 26th, was actually the first-place match in the regular league. Heungkuk Life beat GS Caltex 3-1 with a set score and ran away with 12 points. The maximum points that the women’s one-round winning team can win is 15. Chasing is never easy 안전공원

There was a noticeable scene when KBSN Sports, which was in charge of broadcasting, interviewed Lee Da-young of Heungkuk Life Insurance, a veteran player. He scored 500 points on the day and recorded six blockings, the most in a single game. Commentator Lee Sook-ja said to Lee Da-young, whose eyes were moistened, “You’re not crying. “If you cried, can you tell me why you cried?” he asked cautiously. At that moment, Lee Da-young couldn’t continue for a while, bowing her head as if she were overwhelmed with emotion. “I’ve been losing confidence and not doing well, but I helped (Lee) Jae-young and (Kim) Yeon-kyung, but I’m sorry, so I’m crying a lot,” he said after barely controlling his emotions. It was a short remark, but it contained a lot.

Setter who decided to move ahead of this season. Enthusiastic fans of the former team poured out a lot of criticism. While no one knows how the combination of twin sisters, who have been at the forefront of the V-League’s box office success, will affect the league and Heungkuk Life, Lee Da-young has often been at the center of the talk. There were times when it was good, but there were many times when it was bad. When Heungkuk Life faltered in the third round, it was pointed out as the mastermind of discord.

The criticism against him has been around since Hyundai Engineering & Construction. Fortunately, I endured well. This is the fate of the setter who takes full responsibility for the team’s results. People only think of what is revealed on court or social media, but there is a concern of the setter that is hidden behind the spectacular ceremony and laughter. Lee Sook-ja must have asked about the meaning of tears because she is from the specification site and knows this better than anyone else.

When asked, “What color do you want to show in Heungkuk Life when the setter comes out after some time?” Lee Da-young said, “I haven’t thought about it yet.” I just want to melt into the team. “I’m the only one in our team who needs to do well.” He was a strong team even before he moved, and with Kim Yeon-kyung, who is always called a “world-class player,” winning the title, it was well revealed what he thought and burdened as a key setter of Heungkuk Life Insurance, which is considered natural.

Director Park Mi-hee of Heungkuk Life Insurance is anxiously watching Lee Da-young. “No one will know the pressure that Lee Da-young feels right now,” he said. If the result is good, Kim Yeon-kyung should raise the ball to the “world-class player”, otherwise the criticism means that the setter is overturned.

It is not easy for any setter to give Kim Yeon-kyung the ball. It’s worth it at best. Nor is Kim Yeon-kyung unusually feisty. I can see that he is trying hard to make the setter comfortable, and the role of the setter and ace makes such an uncomfortable situation. Coach Park added, “Until last season, Cho Song-hwa must have felt this similar burden by giving the ball to Lee Jae-young.”

Road construction veteran Jung Dae-young also explained the reason for the team’s rise, saying, “Setter Lee Go-eun tried to be nice to us and we tried to be nice to us, but we felt burdened by each other, so it was hard.” “I’m somewhat adjusted now. He always tries to be nice, but he gives warm words of consolation to all the setters in the V-League who are subject to criticism rather than praise.

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