The last game of the 20-year-old One Clubman is just getting


The last game of the 20-year-old One Clubman is just getting off with a happy ending


Miami’s leader and franchise star Yudonis Haslem played the final game of his NBA career

The Miami Heat won 123-110 against the Orlando Magic in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season at Miami Heat Arena in Florida on the 10th (Korea Standard Time). It was the last game of the season, but Miami was ranked regardless of victory or defeat. Miami prepared for the playoffs by giving the main players a break. Players who did not get time to play throughout the season played.

There was a player who played a more meaningful game than anyone else. It’s Haslem. Haslem announced before the opening of the season that this season was his last season. Haslem’s retirement, which raised many people’s curiosity every year about when he will retire, has finally come to reality.

Haslem has long lost his competitiveness as an NBA player. Haslem has rarely played since five or six years ago. Nevertheless, leadership was the biggest reason Haslem remained in Miami. Haslem is the best NBA leader. It has always been at the top of the survey that selects the best leadership in its annual survey.

Haslem is also a franchise player who played 20 years only in Miami. The respect of Miami fans and players is bound to be enormous.

Haslem had a successful conclusion in his final NBA game. In the middle of the first quarter, Haslem, who came on as a substitute on the bench, was cheered by home fans and welcomed by opposing team manager Jamal Mosley. Haslem scored as if to relieve his resentment.

Haslem scored 13 points in the first quarter alone. His main specialty, midrange shots and three-point shots, were also successful, and Allieup Dunk made a rare scene with Duncan Robinson’s pass. Haslem, who took a break in the second quarter, started scoring again in the third quarter. After receiving Victor Oladipo’s pass, he added a score by connecting it with a three-point shot. And in the fourth quarter, Haslem’s one-man show began. It exploded with a three-point shot after scoring through midrange shots and post-up attacks 메이저사이트

With one minute left before the end of the fourth quarter, Haslem walked out of the final NBA game, cheered by fans and teammates. Haslem’s best friend and Miami franchise star Dwayne Wade also celebrated in the stands.

Haslem’s final performance on the day was 24 points and 3 rebounds. It was a beautiful finish of his career, winning the team and ending the individual successfully

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