The Lakers are in big trouble James’ season out crisis


The Lakers are in big trouble James’ season out crisis


A decisive bad news occurred for the LA Lakers, who are busy on their way. This is because LeBron James faces a season-out crisis.

According to The Athletic, the Lakers must play without James for most of the remaining 14 games.

The Athletic said on the 15th (Korea Standard Time), “I heard James’ right foot is much better.” There is still no specific timetable for his return…”I heard he’s still a long way off, and the Lakers think they’ll have to play without James for much of the rest of the regular season,” he said.

James has missed seven games since his right foot injury worsened on February 27.

James is due to be re-evaluated for the injury in about a week and a half.

Even if he can return to the court, he will need at least another week for rehabilitation. The 2022-2023 regular season is now about three and a half weeks away. In fact, this is why James is out of the season.

The Lakers are now tied for ninth with 33 wins and 35 losses. The Maginot Line, which advanced to the play-in tournament, is ranked 10th.

For the Lakers, every game must be played like a final. In this situation, James’ absence is fatal 카지노추천

Fortunately, without James, the Lakers recorded four wins and three losses. It’s all thanks to the Angelo Russell. Anthony Davis is fighting hard, but it’s disturbing. Performance is also a problem, but it is not known when he will be injured. The Lakers are now walking on thin ice.

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