DF Barra, who played for Man Utd for 10 years

DF Barra

DF Barra, who played for Man Utd for 10 years, is leaving the team after terminating his contract to cover his weekly salary.

DF Barra

Phil Jones, who has been with Manchester United since 2011, is expected to leave the team.

Newcastle United want Jones, according to a report by the British team talk on the 27th (Korean time). Jones was once a highly anticipated centre-back, but he almost lost his presence due to a fatal knee injury in 2020.

Manchester United still have a two-year contract with Jones, but under mutual agreement they will release him on a free contract.

Jones was transferred from Blackburn Rovers to Manchester United in 2011 by former manager Alex Ferguson. “Jones can be our best player just the way he is,” Ferguson said in 2013. No matter where you play, you can be one of the best players.”

There have been glorious times. He played as a starting pitcher when he won the 2012-2013 season. Since then, he has collected the FA Cup and UEFA Europa League trophies.

Injury was the problem. Having been closely followed by injuries throughout his career, he failed to play even once in the 2020-2021 season due to an injury he suffered in winter 2020.

And yet there is still a team that wants him. Not only Newcastle but also Everton, West Ham United and Crystal Palace want him.

If Jones moves to the FA, he will likely have to cut his weekly salary substantially. It is predicted that Manchester United will transfer Jones to cover the weekly wage as they have almost confirmed their bid for Rafael Barra.

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