’52 years old unmarried’ Park So-hyun said…

Park So-hyun

’52 years old unmarried’ Park So-hyun said, “I don’t want to talk to couples.”

Park So-hyun

Broadcaster Park So-hyun expressed her rejection, saying she didn’t want to talk to couples. What’s the story?

Park So-hyun appeared as a guest on tvN’s “Restaurant in Line,” which aired on the 5th.

On this day, Park So-hyun and the cast of “Jul Restaurant” visited the T-bone Steak House and expressed their happiness.

Park Na-rae, who lined up in front of the restaurant, looked at the men and women full of front and back and carefully said, “There must be a lot of lovers here,” and Park So-hyun said, “They are all couples. “There are only three couples I’ve seen now,” he said in displeasure.

In response, the cast laughed, saying, “Why are you so angry?” and “The tone has changed.

Even when Kwon Yul said, “I’ll check if it’s a couple,” Park Sohyun reacted furiously, saying, “I actually don’t want to talk to couples.”

The twist is that men and women lined up in front of the restaurant were friends, not couples. Kwon Yul drew laughter by talking with foreign students from Singapore with poor English skills.

Meanwhile, Park Sohyun, who shared the recording of the second episode of “The Restaurant in Line,” ate six meals with “The Restaurant in Line.” I don’t even eat like this with my family. “If you ate six meals together, you’re already a family,” he said, expressing his special feelings.

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