Um Jiwon, who learned how to ski in Switzerland

Um Jiwon

Um Jiwon, who learned how to ski in Switzerland is good at cutting slopes

Um Jiwon

Actress Um Ji-won fell into skiing in the winter.

On the 29th, Um Ji-won posted several photos and videos of her skiing at a ski resort on her Instagram and said, “It’s gotten very cold. I’m going to start the real ski season in Korea. “All the skiers this season, please do safety skiing,” he posted.

Um Ji-won in the video is wearing a colorful fluorescent ski suit and descending coolly across the slopes of the ski resort. Singer and actor Lee Jung-hyun, who watched the video, commented, “You’re so good at riding.” Actress Wang Bit-na also responded by saying, “Oh, I’m not going to be able to do it again this year. I envy you.”

Um Ji-won said earlier this month that she had been to a ski camp in Switzerland. He showed off his extraordinary love for skiing by editing and uploading a Swiss travelogue on YouTube he runs himself.

Meanwhile, Um Ji-won recently won the best acting award in the drama category for tvN’s “Little Women” at the Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards

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