Star Chef Gordon Ramsay “Competitive in the Restaurant Market…

Star Chef Gordon Ramsay

Star Chef Gordon Ramsay “Competitive in the Restaurant Market…Successful Advanced Strategy”

Star Chef Gordon Ramsay

“I was very happy to see the 50-60m line outside the store. Gordon Ramsay Burger’s premium strategy has been successful in the Korean market.”

British star chef Gordon Ramsay met with reporters at Lotte World Mall Gordon Ramsay Burger Store in Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 10th and made such an assessment of the Korean business over the past year.

“Customers get feedback so that they can know right away if they don’t like it, and I was happy to see them lining up outside the store,” he said. “We can make burgers easily frozen, but I think the advanced strategy has succeeded.”

Gordon Ramsay established Gordon Ramsay Group in 1997 and currently operates 57 restaurants in 11 countries, including Korea, the United States, France, and Singapore.

In Korea, it joined hands with Jinkyung Industries to open Gordon Ramsay Burger, a premium handmade burger restaurant, at Lotte World Mall earlier this year, challenging the domestic handmade burger market. Despite the most expensive menu being priced at 140,000 won, it is on a roll with monthly sales of 1 billion won.

Regarding pioneering the domestic premium burger market, Gordon Ramsay said, “I wanted to give an impact when I first opened a store in Korea,” adding, “I was able to premium burgers because my values fit with my partner Jinkyung Industrial.” “Seoul is a highly competitive market,” he said. “We have strengthened our competitiveness by using special buns and high-end butter.”

“My ambition is to put ordinary burgers at a premium level,” he said. “Just as chefs from each country want to make their own delicious and influential burgers, I wanted to put Gordon Ramman’s DNA in the burger, and it was nothing but pursuing sophisticated quality.”

This is his first visit to Korea in five years since 2017. “I came back because I wanted to experience the energy and trend of Korea that I felt in 2017,” he said, explaining the reason for the visit.

Thanks to the success of the burger, Gordon Ramsay opened a “Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza” store in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 28th of last month. It is a casual pizza restaurant, the second store in Asia after Dubai. It operates in a form that allows you to eat six different types of pizza for an unlimited amount of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Regarding the reason for opening Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza, he said, “To enjoy freshly made pizza,” adding, “Pizza gets hot and hard in two to three minutes, but at Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza, you can continue to eat pizza.”

When asked why he opened a store in Korea, he said, “I’ve been experiencing Korean food for the past 15 to 20 years and thought it was original, but I wanted to introduce a store that had a great success in London in Korea,” adding, “I wanted to show great influence here and gradually expand it.”

Regarding the criticism that Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza’s toppings are poor, he replied, “The most delicious pizza doesn’t contain a lot of toppings, and the balance and harmony between toppings and delicious dough is important.”

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