Son Heung-min Licks the Lid of Yoplait Even If He’s Frozen

Son Heung-min

Son Heung-min Licks the Lid of Yoplait Even If He’s Frozen, His Children’s English Teacher Is Kane Than Ali

Son Heung-min

Son Heung-min, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League (EPL) of the first English professional football league, showed honest talk.

On the YouTube channel “GoAle,” a video titled “I went on a Seoul tour with Son Heung-min” was posted on the 31st of last month.

According to GoAle’s explanation, Son Heung-min met fans through an event called “Son Sensational Tour in Seoul” hosted by Adidas on July 5.

In the released video, Son Heung-min had a one-on-one answer with the host on the bus.

The first question was which one to choose between “Frozen” (Ice Americano even if it freezes to death) or “Hot Americano even if it is hot.”

Son Heung-min’s choice was “Eoljuk-ah.”

When asked by the host if he doesn’t like warm coffee, he explained, “I like warm coffee, but I think it’s still iced Americano.”

The next question that appeared was, “Which is more wasteful, throwing away the lid of the yogurt or the top of the jjujuba?”

Son Heung-min chose Yoplait.

Son Heung-min said, “Yoplait is much better,” adding, “I eat a lot of yoplait, but I don’t eat a lot of zujubea.”

When asked by the host, “Then do you always lick it?” he said, “Oh, I lick it unconditionally,” and stressed, “Because education has been clear since I was young.”

The next question asked was “What would you do, a soccer player or an action actor if you were born again?”

Son Heung-min replied, “Unconditionally, he is a soccer player.”

And the host said, ‘What if I’m born again? I did it once, but are you going to do it again?” Son Heung-min said with strength, “I think I can do it better.”

The host then asked, “If I get married later and have a son,” and Son Heung-min said, “I don’t know about that,” adding, “I have achieved something regardless of whether I did well or not.”

The host guessed, “I don’t want to burden you as Son Heung-min’s son?” and Son admitted, “I don’t want to give you that.”

“But if you really say ‘I’ll play soccer,’ I’ll make you do it,” he added. “It’s just that he wants to do it.”

Other questions related to children also caught the eye.

Asked whether he would choose Harry Kane (England) or Delhi Ali as his child’s English teacher, Son Heung-min chose Kane.

Son Heung-min said, “I like Ali’s English a lot, but Ali uses a lot of words that are used in the streets 토토사이트

The host responded, “I think Ali will be upset,” and Son Heung-min said, “It’s okay because we’re close.” Ali always says bad things to me.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min scored two goals in four games for Tottenham in the 2021-22 season.

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