Even 583 billion won is rejected. It’s not someone else’s business


Even 583 billion won is rejected. It’s not someone else’s business. Is Otani going to make a trade decision?


“It’s time to make a choice.”

Big news broke out in the Major League on the 17th (Korea Standard Time). The Washington Nationals offered a 15-year, $440 million (583 billion won) extension to young leading hitter Juan Soto, but it was rejected. The relationship between Washington and Soto naturally became strained. The prevailing view is that Washington will trade Soto.

The meaning of $440 million in 15 years is significant. It is the largest contract in Major League history between the Los Angeles Angels and Mike Trout, surpassing 426.5 million dollars in 12 years. However, Soto has expressed his willingness to play for better treatment than that. Soto’s agent is ‘Devil’ Scott Boras.

However, it has been reported that Washington’s rejection may not be anyone else’s business with the Los Angeles Angels. The Los Angeles Times said Thursday that the Angels should make a decision on Shohei Otani’s future. The possibility of Otani’s trade has been mentioned little by little recently.

The Los Angeles Times said, “The Angels should take the same approach to Otani. The Angels have become a mess again despite healthy Trout and Otani’s more amazing pitching and batting for most of the season. Fired the director and lost Anthony Rendon. Pitchers are still not good enough.

The Angels are out of touch with the postseason again. The “aldong” clubs are also too strong, but it is also true that the Angels are weak enough to not receive Troutani’s “buff.” Then it’s time to think about Otani’s future as an FA after the 2023 season.

This means that if Washington proposes a super-large and ultra-long-term contract as Soto did, or if it is burdensome, trade it. Angels will be at a disadvantage if they go to the FA market anyway. If you are rejected like Washington, it is better to prepare a trade as soon as possible and get as much as possible.

The LA Times said, “Without a shocking twist, the Angels won’t make it to the postseason. They have to figure out what it takes to keep Otani in for a long time. I have to offer it to him. If not, we have to trade Otani so that he doesn’t face the possibility of losing him after the next season 안전공원

The LA Times pointed out that “Otani Marketing” is clearly advantageous for the Angels. He pointed out that there is no law against the Angels not to advance to the postseason with Otani next year. However, the Angels will not be able to do that next year. It’s time to make a choice.

An extension contract or trade. For the Angels, Otani must make a decision before sending him to the 2023-2024 FA market. The trade deadline is now less than a month away. If nothing is done on this trade deadline, Otani’s future is expected to emerge as a major league focus in the coming winter

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