The Red Bull we’re going to rebuild a great house this season


The Red Bull we’re going to rebuild a great house this season


The NBA’s prestigious Chicago Bulls, which have been extremely sluggish for years, are sweeping up famous players, raising expectations for the next season. It is showing its willingness to take a step forward this time, with the transfer market as busy as the winning teams.

Until the current time on the 16th, about two months before the season’s opening, Chicago has completed three consecutive large free contracts in the transfer market. He announced on the 9th that he brought in Derma Drojan, the NBA’s top scorer, following point guard Ronzo Ball on the 9th and shooting guard Alex Caruso on the 10th. Including big man Nicola Buchevic, who was brought last season, and former ace Jack Lavigne and big prospect Patrick Williams, who showed potential, it is not easy to lose to any team.

The reconstruction of Chicago is a long-cherished desire of fans. Fans’ expectations were always high in the 1990s as they had achieved two “three consecutive wins” around Michael Jordan, the “basketball emperor.” After decades of dark ages, he was once close to the top of the Eastern Conference, with Derek Rose (New York Knicks) and Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat) in the early and mid 2010s, but they collapsed again after they left. Last season, he was humiliated to not even have a chance to participate in the playoffs, which has been increased to a “play-in tournament.” He has been eliminated from the playoffs for four consecutive seasons.

The new players are emphasizing the recovery of “Winning Mentality.” In April last year, Vice President Arturas Carnisova took office and said, “The goal is NBA champions.” According to sports media Diathletic, Drojan used the word “win” 12 times at a press conference on the 13th. Caruso wrote seven times and the ball six times. This shows the willingness to change Chicago, which has become accustomed to losing rather than winning. In the past four seasons when he failed to make the playoffs, Chicago’s winning rate in the regular league was below 50%.

Among the freshmen, Ball and Caruso are well-known for their dedicated defense. If the ball is versatile in other areas, such as passing and scoring, Caruso is more of a housekeeper who works hard with outstanding athletic ability and activity. Caruso also won the final championship ring for the Los Angeles Lakers two seasons ago.

Although Drojan is said to be weak on the big stage, he is not lacking in aces when it comes to his skills. The harmony with Lavigne, who was selected as the NBA All-Star for the first time last season, is also a factor that fans expect. Lavigne, who has been improving his scoring skills every four seasons since joining Chicago, averaged 27.4 points last season 파워볼사이트

The recruitment of them is close to a winning move for Chicago. He gave up two nominations for the first round and two for the second round, including Tedias Young and Alparuk Aminu, Thomas Satoranski, Denzel Valentine and Garrett Tample, who were considered good players. If you don’t make any progress within a few seasons with big-time freshmen, your future will be darker.

Chicago’s summer transfer window is expected to continue. According to ESPN, Chicago is also close to recruiting Tony Bradley, the backup center. There are also rumors of recruiting Danny Green, an outback shooter with good defense. It is also encouraging that promising player Ayo Do Soon-moo, who was nominated in the rookie draft, is playing very well in the Summer League.

Meanwhile, power forward Laurie Makanen, who was disappointed last season, was expected to transfer to another team as he became a limited free agent (RFA), but there has been little news so far.

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