We have a leader on the team Why LAC wants to stay in Westbrook


We have a leader on the team Why LAC wants to stay in Westbrook


Lu welcomed Westbrook’s stay.

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas revealed his conversation with LA Clippers coach Turan Lu on the podcast “Gil’s Arena” on the 7th (Korea Standard Time).

Russell Westbrook joined the Clippers after agreeing to buyout after being traded from the Lakers to Utah during last season. Westbrook did his part for the Clippers, averaging 15.9 points, 5.8 rebounds and 7.5 assists.

Westbrook’s performance shone even though the Clippers failed to reach their goal of winning the championship amid the aftermath of injuries to their main players. He raised the team’s energy level and served as a vocal leader as a veteran.

Satisfied with his Clippers life, Westbrook opted to stay at the end of the season. It was an unconventional condition that the annual salary was drastically cut to $8 million for two years. The Clippers have renewed their contract with Westbrook, which was one of the top priorities in the transfer market, spurring their re-challenge to win next season.

Turan Lu also welcomed Westbrook’s stay. Arenas revealed his conversation with Lu, saying Westbrook played the role of the team’s leader.

Arenas said, “I’ve talked to head coach Turan Lu. ‘I didn’t want Russell Westbrook to go anywhere and I’m glad he didn’t leave. We didn’t have a leader and Westbrook became our leader,’ he said.

The Clippers were evaluated as strong in terms of power, but the locker room issue was also raised. In that situation, Westbrook’s recruitment was a choice that could have a positive effect on and off the court 토토

Now what Westbrook is aiming for with the Clippers is his first career winning ring. Westbrook, who has yet to win despite his spectacular career. Will Westbrook, who has strong faith in the Clippers, be able to reach the top

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