SEVENTEEN hip-hop team’s official photos of their 9th mini album


SEVENTEEN hip-hop team’s official photos of their 9th mini album.


The group Seventeen’s hip-hop team boasted fatal sexiness.

The agency Pledis Entertainment captured the strong charm of hip-hop teams S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon through its 9th mini-album “Attacca” Official Photo Op.2 released on Seventeen’s official SNS channel on October 7.

In the released photo, Wonwoo showed off his unrivaled charisma with sharp eyes, while Mingyu leaned on a bike and showed off his tough charm. Vernon created a fatal sexiness in the wild mood, and S.Coups drew attention by showing his hip charm on a four-wheel bike.

In particular, SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop team has a spectacular and dynamic atmosphere contrary to the comfortable mood released through Official Photo Op. 1, giving off a fiery hot charm, raising interest in Official Photo Op. 2, which has yet to be released.

Immediately after the release of the official photo Op.1 of the 9th mini album, Seventeen topped the world’s Twitter real-time trend with its thrilling visuals and all-time concept, drawing explosive responses from fans, raising expectations for Shinbo to the fullest.

The name of the 9th mini-album “Attacca” is a term “continue to play without interruption” when the next movement continues from the end of one movement, signaling that SEVENTEEN will convey an unstoppable passion and deeper love fever through the 9th mini-album.

Seventeen surpassed 1.41 million pre-orders at home and abroad in just one day with its 9th mini-album “Attacca,” heralding another million seller and career high, drawing expectations from Billboard and many other foreign media.

Meanwhile, Seventeen will release an additional official photo Op.2 of its 9th mini album “Attacca” for two days on the 8th and 9th.

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