Real’s Big Picture transfer fee of 0 won brings four big stars


Real’s Big Picture transfer fee of 0 won brings four big stars


Real Madrid are dreaming of a grand plan next summer.

Spain’s As said on the 18th (Korea time), “Real is trying to recruit four big stars without using any transfer fees.” The main characters are Kilian Mbappe, Paul Pogba, Leon Goretzka and Antonio Rudiger. All four are players whose contracts expire with their teams in June 2022.

Real’s plan is related to the financial situation. Real are currently struggling to spend money due to the prolonged coronavirus and the expansion of Santiago Bernabeu. This is in contrast to the previous use of Galactico policy, which used astronomical transfer fees to buy world class stars at random.

For this reason, the company focused on securing funds through release rather than recruiting them. Since last summer, he has made money by sending out Sergio Regillon, Khames Rodriguez, Ashraf Hakeemi, Sergio Ramos and Rafael Varane. After the 2019-20 season, he only renewed his contracts with players such as Dani Carbajal, Nacho Fernandez, Tibo Courtois and Luca Modric, but no player spent money to bring in.

David Alabama, who was recruited this summer, was also a free agent with no transfer fee. Despite the sale of players, Real are still passive in spending money, so no additional recruitment is expected this summer. It plans to focus everything next summer when the FA craze is predicted. Even if it is not next summer, you can freely talk about contracts with players whose FA status is imminent based on Bosman rules from January 2022 안전공원

The long-time targets, Mbappe and Pogba, will be brought in to put their strength into the attack and the midfield. Mbappe and Pogba are refusing to renew their contracts with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Manchester United, respectively. They are also reportedly eager to go to Real. Goretzka and Rudiger are players who have entered their prime and can be instrumental in midfield and defense.

If Real’s plan succeeds, it will change its generation with zero transfer fee and build a powerful squad at the same time. This is the best scenario for Real.

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